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The street-name designs you see in my shop can be tailored to suit your needs For instance, I have custom designed these artworks using the streets that a couple lived on throughout their lives together... or places that a family grew up over the years. I've created versions as gifts for ballet teachers (with ballet terms instead of street names) as well as family names or dog names... I love making these very personal artworks, so if you have an idea for a gift or if you want to create a special artwork for your own home, please let me know what you had in mind.

The design is created using 12 streets (or words) of your choice, so let me know which words you want to include. I do need to know if there are certain words that are most important to you, as well as which word you want on the top line. Send your design request to and I will send you a proof to approve once I have it designed for you.

Please refer to the original samples on my website or ask me if you need some help.

Custom Printing prices are as follows:
No extra charge to switch out one street name from an existing design. (Eg. - include your own street name)
$25 flat fee for any further customization (including a fully customized design)

Custom canvas sizes are available - as large as you need - so ask me for a quote.

I will give you a few options: (These larger artwork are all 1.5" thick, where my Etsy listings are .75” thick..)

12" x 16" is $125.00 plus tax

14" x 18” is $140.00 plus tax

16" x 20" is $155.00 plus tax

18" x 24" is $175.00 plus tax

I offer a few Longer versions of the street name designs 12” x 36”.
These can be made as a canvas for $195 or framed for $225.